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thank you so much for taking the time to visit this website.

Let me introduce myself, my name is René. I was born in the beautiful year of 1967. Since 2019 I am unfortunately a widower. My family also consists of 2 beautiful, young girls.

A few years ago, partly due to my wife’s enthusiasm, I decided to change course. The second part of my, hopefully long, life I want to give ample space to the creative side of my mind. This has resulted in this website.

Since 2022, the website consists of 2 ‘separated’ parts, to keep it clear. Under “At Hodson Street” you can find everything related tot the band “At Hodson Street”.

In addition, I also write compositions in a completely different style. I photograph, make videos, write poems and keep a blog in which I regularly post messages. All this is posted under the name “Tij”.

Due to time constraints, the part of the website concerning “Tij” has not yet been translated. But even without translation I’m convinced that you will understand it perfectly. Art is an universal language 🙂

Important words in my creativity are the words hope, inspiration and positivity. I jokingly call it the “hip-protocol” 🙂

Despite all the violent events, I can’t help but express how beautiful and unique life is. I embrace life as it comes. Always done so and I want to keep doing it.

My greatest wish for this project is the hope that the visitor will experience a pleasant time here and be encouraged to visit more often. Feel free to give a comment, your opinion or whatever on the posted material on this site !!

But most of all, to stay in the mind of my deceased partner,

“enjoy life”

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