At Hodson Street – Dreamer ©2020

At Hodson Street is a total experience, consisting of 3 elements, music, photography and texts. The purpose of this site is to give the visitor the opportunity to discover the consistency between these elements.

The inspiration that either leads to a new song, a photo or a text is often a collaboration between these 3 elements. The opportunity is now offered to become a part of this inspiration process.

Don’t worry, the music, photography or lyrics can also be followed as an independent part. It is therefore a possibility to discover coherence and certainly not an obligation !!

My greatest wish for this project is the hope that the visitor will experience a pleasant time here and be encouraged to visit more often. Feel free to give a comment, your opinion or whatever on the posted material on this site !!

It is possible to register for the mailing list. In this way you stay informed of everything that is posted on this site. It’s free without any commitment.

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