At Hodson Street – Rosasharn ©2019

At Hodson Street is a total experience, consisting of three elements, namely music, photography en texts. The purpose of this site is to give the visitor the opportunity to discover the consistency between these elements.

The inspiration that leads to either a song, a photograph or a text is often a collaboration  between these three elements. Although, that’s how it works for me. The opportunity is now offered to participate in this inspiration process, by means of observation.

Don’t worry, music, photography and texts can also be followed as seperate part. It is an opportunity to discover consistency and certainly no obligation!!

My biggest wish for this project is mainly the hope that visitors here will have a nice time and will be stimulated to come back again. Feel free to give a reaction , opinion or whatever, on the material posted on this side.

It is possible to subscribe to the mailing list. In this way you will stay informed of everything that is posted here. Not for nothing is the motto:

 ”Join This Ride”

Important to know is, that, regarding the musical part of this side, there is a cooperation with a female singer, namely Chantal. Everything else publiced on this side is entirely my, René, responsibility. Chantal can’t be held liable, for photo’s, texts or whatever, published on this side!!!!


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