And now probably the most important issue for a band, the songs. That’s where it is all about!! The songs below represent very well the musical direction of ‘At Hodson Street’.

The ‘studiosongs’ are recorded and mixed at home. In fact they are still in the development phase. No studiowork with a band on fire , but just simple homework. Although they give the listener a pretty good idea of where ‘At Hodson Street’ as band stands for.

The ‘livesongs’ are directly recorded with a simple hand recorder. These tracks perfectly demonstrate our semi-acoustic performance. This is exactly how we, At Hodson Street, at this moment sound during live performances.

We are working hard to further expand of our repertoire. At present it has around 35 songs. There are about 40 songs waiting for futher development. No lack of inspiration for us , as you can see. We are in full progress!!

We, Chantal en René, hope you will enjoy the songs as much as we do. For contact or further information about the band ‘At Hodson Street’, please use the contact form as listed in the category ‘Contact’. Of course, you can use this form also for comments on our songs. Or just leave a message in our Guestbook!!

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At Hodson Street

At Hodson Street: “Join’This Ride”

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