Biography ‘At Hodson Street’

At this moment ‘At Hodson Street’ consists of female singer Chantal en guitarist René. In recent years, both were quite busy with growing children. Time for our common passion, the music, arose again at the end of 2015.

Being neighbours, this time was quickly filled. All the little moments of rest were used to work on new songs. Meanwhile, it has become a full repertoire, which is regularly updated with new songs.  So fortunately, no lack of inspiration for us!!!!

The style of the songs is divers; from pop to country and from ballad to rock. However, the repertoire has, thanks to the beautiful, distinctive voice of Chantal, an own identity. Subject of the lyrics is about everything that can happen in a lifetime.

At this time the songs are semi-acoustic played during gigs. Regularly, there will be songs with band accompaniment be posted at the side. This is done to give the listener an idea of how the songs would sound in a band formation.

Our intention for the near feature is to expand our repertoire and to do more gigs. As soon as possible we want to go into the studio to record an album.

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